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When Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, 55 Water Street was flooded from the lobby down to the 6th floor sub level where four 20,000-gallon oil tanks and pumping stations serviced the building’s emergency systems. Hurricane Sandy rendered those systems inoperable.

Plaza Construction called on JDP to get the fuel oil system back up and running. Working for almost thirty days straight, JDP installed two new pumping stations and put two of the existing tanks back into operation, which brought all emergency electric generators back online.

Subsequent to the Sandy restoration, JDP was awarded a contract to install four built-in-place 20,000-gallon fuel tanks with pumping stations for the North and South Towers as well as a fuel-oil polishing system.

We manufactured our own pipe-within-pipe fuel oil distribution piping. The tanks and all the equipment needed to be located in a totally waterproof room with controls extending to the 2nd floor to permit remote operation in the event of another Sandy catastrophe.

Today, 55 Water Street has the most sophisticated HVAC and electrical systems in place, with full redundancies in the event of a future emergency. 


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