JDP Custom Rigging Installation @ 73rd Street NYC

At the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center @ 73rd Street & York Avenue, NY, JDP Mechanical will execute the rigging of (supply and return, two pipes each for all) 18” Chilled Water Riser Piping, 24” Condenser Water Piping, and 6” Hot Water Piping. The rigging installation will close down the dead-end portion of 73rd Street (into East Side Drive).

The pipes will be lifted from the ground by a crane and raised over 24 stories above the roof and then dropped down the designated piping shaft towards the center of the building. The 6 pipes, at 40 feet each, will be connected together using a custom rigging method designed by JDP Mechanical that closely resembles wind chimes and that will accommodate all 6 pipes in one crane pick-up.  

Once the first rigging setup has been dropped down the shaft, JDP pipefitters will go to work setting and tack welding the pipes so that they do not move during the course of the rig.

As the piping is set into place, tack welded, and the rigging setup is detached from the crane, JDP pipefitters at the base of the crane will ready a second rigging setup, complete with another set of 6 pipes, each with a length of 40’.

This installation allows JDP to minimize downtime between crane picks and speeds up the entire process of getting the pipes into the building, set and tack welded overall.

"JDP Mechanical leveraged our years of experience to design this custom 'wind chime' rigging system," says Peter Manos Jr., CEO of JDP Mechanical. "By simultaneously picking up and preparing the rigging setups, we've developed a faster, more efficient, and potentially safer (fewer crane picks, less danger) method of rigging mechanical riser piping into a new construction building."  

JDP designs, engineers and builds all custom setups in our Astoria, Queens headquarters. We control every part of the construction workflow, from design, to fabrication and installation, allowing us 100% control over the quality of our work.